HW – Model a chair in Maya and do some Lynda tutorials!

This week I want you to do the following for HW (before class on Wednesday):
– Sign up for a Lynda account (if haven’t already done so) with your New School ID. It’s FREE!
– Model a super-sexy chair in Maya (like the one in the image below)! … while modeling your chair, focus on the following:
  • create and manipulate different polygon models
    • Note: make sure your Maya is in Polygons Mode: Inline image 3
    • Create polygon primitives like such: Inline image 4
  • get comfortable with switching between polygon selection modes (vertex, face, object, edge) … you can do this by holding down right-click on the model and dragging over the appropriate mode

Inline image 5

  • experiment with the settings in menu link Display > Grid … you can mess with the settings by clicking on the rectangle on the right side of menu link … Inline image 6
  • use the hotkeys Q, W, E, and R to switch between manipulation modes (select, move, rotate, scale) … you can do the same thing by selecting the mode from the left toolbar Inline image 7
  • Play around with Snap to Grid setting … Inline image 2 … to use the grid for building symmetric models with fixed unit sizes
  • Lastly, get familiar with extruding faces … Inline image 9 … from polygons:

Inline image 8

Inline image 1
Optional (but recommended): 
– Add some extra stuff to your maya scene… play around with modeling in polygons!
– Get a jump start on modeling with Polygons by starting this Lynda tutorial: http://www.lynda.com/Maya-tutorials/Maya-Essentials-2-Polygonal-Modeling-Techniques/96715-2.html