Hello- my background is in costume design for film, television, and theater. Even though a large portion of this field resides in the tactile production of the costumes themselves, there is an equal important role of the research that goes into the design process. A costume designer must understand both the objective and the subjective factors that work together to determine why people clothe themselves as they do in order to fully develop the possibilities presented by the characters in any given situation. This understanding comes from observation and research, and shares a lot of similarities with the human centered design process.

My intention since the beginning of the program has always been to focus on wearable technology. Having spent quite some time bouncing around various ideas, I realized that through wearable tech I would be able to utilize all my skills and interests in one field. I hope to concentrate my research in this class on the future of prosthetics, and therefore reframing the very definition of it. I am particularly interested in the intersection between the body and the artificial, and the implications of design that merges the two.

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I like cheese


Hi, I’m Joey; I’m a fine art exchange student from London and I once owned these ducklings from ducklinghood to adulthood and then one day one of the ducks flew over the wall and we couldn’t find it for ages. Then when I came back from math tuition one day on the same street there was this woman just crouching by her house, holding my duck by its neck and killed it right in front of my eyes. When we asked her where she got the duck from, she said the market… yeah… so we released the other ducks at the golf course.

That’s my traumatic experience that I’m sharing

I’m taking this class because I’m fascinated by the divide/crossover between art/science/technology and working with 3D printing and modeling and bio-materials and stuff. I’ve been doing some basic coding stuff with Chrome WebGL and experimented with ferrofluids in the past.

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My name is Auriel Rickard and I’m a junior in the DT program here at Parsons. I’m originally from Honolulu Hawaii but I don’t mind the shitty weather here in New York because the people are mad real. I skate, take pictures and play with my projector a lot.

I wanted to take this class because I thought it would supplement my post-planetary design class. In that class we study designing for the far future and learning to work with an expiry meant crazy cool materials will be essential. I also want to work with my hands here at parsons as much as I can.




My name is Nicholas, I’m a first year transfer to Parsons, and intend to major in Architecture with a minor in Temporary Environments.

I’m interested in spaces, lighting and architecture, the way light interacts with materials and more importantly how these three elements can be combined to augment an individuals experience.

Some experiments!
Some experiments!