Assignment [3/5/14-3/12/14] – Begin Midterm

Howdy everyone. Great job in class today! I was happy to see how engaged everybody was. You guys have all made a lot of progress really fast; Maya is strange beast with many deterring interface quarks. Keep it up!

This week’s HW = Start your midterm project!

HW specifics:

  • Start working on your midterm. You can continue the model that you’ve been working on, but I encourage all of you to start from scratch even if you want to model the same thing; it’s always better the second time! For your midterm, you will be asked to bring in a 3D-printed version of your model in 2 WEEKS! Next week I will introduce everyone to importing your models into Slicer and Makerware. Then you will have one more week to iterate on your model and get it printed at the ARC (or via a printer outside of the school network). You should come in next week with extensive progress on your midterm model and plenty of questions to ask me. In addition to the Slicer/Makerware lecture, we’ll have an in-class work session where I’ll be working with each of you individually.

  • Please email me your Maya .mb file for your “midterm in progress” before the start of class on Wednesday, and submit a post to the blog about your project idea with 3-5 sentences describing your vision and intentions for the project and a few screenshots of what you have so far.

  • Finish whatever Lynda tutorials you haven’t already from Maya Essentials 1, 2, and 3.  Links are in the Google Docs below.

Here are the relevant Google Doc links:
– Class 4 – 3D Modeling w/ Maya (Part I):
– Class 5 – 3D Modeling w/ Maya (Part I):

And finally, a sweet 3D Print GIF!!!

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