Madhav Tankha Midterm



Narcissism dictated that my midterm be a model of my own head, to have something which I could not only fondly gaze upon but also give out to my friends on their birthdays. I started off with trying to freesculpt it but realized that if I didn’t make it look very realistic it would look really bad, so I decided to have a more stylized, simpler version. I think next time I could definitely make the geometry even simpler, this one has some extraneous stuff which doesn’t really add to the model but I couldn’t remove without messing it up.






BUT I also started modeling a dreadnought. (From Warhammer 40k). Maya Booleans gave me a ton of trouble here, simple geometry would refuse to combine, or stuff that was working at one point would randomly stop working and vice versa. Thinking of redoing this one in parts and then sticking them together. Havent printed yet because I need some more time to do the fine detailing that these usually come with.

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