Intimate Science: a more intimate view

intimatescience20 intimatescience19 intimatescience16 intimatescience14 intimatescience12 intimatescience10 intimatescience9 intimatescience6 intimatescience5 intimatescience4 intimatescience3 intimatescience2 intimatescience1 An experiment in growing architectural structures from Ganoderma lucid, also known as Reishi or Ling Chi. The fungus is environmentally beneficial as well as a low cost substitute for wood, etc. Ross writes, “Mushrooms digest cellulose and transform it into chitin, the same material that insect shells are made from. The bricks have the feel of a composite material with a core of spongy cross-grained pulp that becomes progressively denser towards its outer skin. The skin itself is incredibly hard, shatter resistant, and can handle enormous amounts of compression. Shaping and cutting the bricks destroyed our files, rasps and saws.”

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