So the first recipe I tried I had found in the Green Plastics book. I was curious about using algae in bioplastics, but it was a challenge to find Agar, as well as sorbitol. I found Agar flakes which I’m not sure played a part in this recipe not working whatsoever.



¼ tsp gelatin

¼ tsp agar

½ cup glycerol solution

¼ cup water

The directions were pretty unclear but basically said to throw all the ingredients in a pot over medium heat. After stirring for 10 straight minutes, the mixture wasn’t solidifying so I added ¼ tsp sorbitol … still nothing happened so I added ¼ tsp starch. It did nothing to help create the plastic so I abandoned this batch.


For my second experiment, I followed a youtube video exactly. I got ok results except I think either I used a pot that was too big or the recipe maybe should have been doubled. It completely evaporated after I let it dry.


For my third experiment I went back to the Green Plastics (


¼ tsp sorbitol

½ tsp starch

¼ tsp gelatin

¼ tsp agar

½ cup glycerol solution

(2 x + ¾ cup water)

This didn’t solidify again so I tried first adding 1 tsp vinegar. No luck. Then added 1 tsp straight glycerin. Nope. Then I tried adding another ½ tsp starch. Didn’t work.


For my fourth and final experiment I followed this instructable –

The result is more gel-like than plastic but I was afraid of microwaving it for too long.


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