Bioplastics: the beginning

I decided to go the basic route with the bioplastics (cornstarch, vinegar, water, glycerin). However I didn’t have glycerin and improvised using Crisco. The breakdown ended up being:

1 tbsp Corn Starch

4 tbsp Water

1 tsp vinegar

1 tsp Crisco

bioplastic_1 bioplastic_2

The left picture is what they looked like after an hour. The right picture was after they had been left for 12+ hours. I experimented with leaving each of them on the stove for different amounts of time. Left in for too little time, it never ever dries ever. It actually crumbled. How sad. Tried some left in a minute or so longer and it was sturdy but cracked a lot. The one left in a minute longer than had been recommended was the sturdiest and cracked the least. Still, none of them were very promising. The crisco gives it an interesting texture but it seems to make it too oily which is what most likely caused it to crack. For my next tries I would like to use less vinegar and no crisco. See how that goes. Or just try a new material.


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