Birce Ozkan- Bioplastics

For my first two experiment, i ended up to  create my own recipe mixing many other recipes that i found from different websites;

1 table spoon corn starch

4 table spoon water

1 tea spoon  glycerin

1 tea spoon gelatin

1  tea spoon vinegar

When i started to cook, ingredients that i put in the pot started to solidify immediately. It took like 2 minutes it went liquid to gel and became like play-dough(the video that we saw in the class ( It was really easy to give a form and work with. For my other experiments, i added orange juice to give some color to the bioplastic.




Also, to give different shapes, i put some of them into my laser cut piece to give a square and rectangular form. I rolled the other parts to give a shape of a ball. The material was  really easy to give a form, as i said, it was like a play-dough. So, i ended up giving some curves as well to achieve a snail-shell look.

photo 1 (27)

photo 3 (24)

photo 2 (30)

                 that’s the one i added orange juice

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