Final Project


So initially I had wanted to work with Kombucha and make a book, but that wasn’t going to pan out so instead I continued my midterm with materials and techniques from both parts of the semester.

Using 2 of my 3D printed skulls from this past winter, I created a two part mold. It was nice to be able to make molds at the same time because the prints are identical!

IMG_4465DSC00538 copy

DSC00541 copy

Using the recipe that worked best last time Janni and I tried bio-plastics, my first cast came out pretty solid. Unfortunately, although using the same exact recipe I was not able to make another cast that was even remotely useable, and neither were the experiments. I thought that the issue was the shape of the face of the skull mold being too nonuniform and not allowing the mixture to cure properly. This doesn’t seem to be the case because I tried to make multiple casts in both molds and neither were successful.

DSC00544 copy
DSC00547 copyDSC00549 copyDSC00552 copyDSC00555 copy

DSC00556 copyDSC00558 copy

DSC00561 copyDSC00562 copyDSC00566 copy

What is certainly successful was the rubber mold; it captured the detail of each layer of the 3D print which is interesting in terms of a cast object. The visual languages and technique are inherently juxtaposed. 
DSC00571 copyDSC00572 copy

SO in order to get a successful skull I made some in plaster:
DSC00578 copyDSC00579 copy
(Accidental combo of bioplastic and plaster)

DSC00585 copyDSC00586 copyDSC00591 copyDSC00595 copyDSC00596 copyDSC00599 copyDSC00601 copyDSC00604 copy

In the end I am pleased with the plaster casts, I think it would be interesting to try and combine the materials and see how they adhere/do not adhere/ create new textures. DSC00605 copyDSC00606 copy
To continue this project I would like to mix materials, make a large quantity of these and install them in a space.