natural dye // bio paint


I experimented with natural dyes and making bio paint with several different materials. Most of the processes involved boiling or juicing things to retrieve the color, however it was difficult to establish the viscosity that is needed for paint. The natural dye yielded a better outcome due to the fixative that I created by boiling vinegar and water. I imagine that if I boiled things for longer periods of time, the strength of the colors would’ve have been more vibrant and not as faded as they appear on the fabric. Some ingredients had absolutely no effect, for example coffee grinds, but I think it was also due to the time it was boiled for.

I looked at several different blogs to assist with making this bio paint and natural dye. I found that most of the dying processes were to help with food coloring, so there was already a mixture that could retain the color from the fruits or vegetables. The paint I created involved using the coloring from the boiling process along with corn starch. I think if I added more corn starch, the paint would’ve been thicker but there is also no permanence with this biopaint. The liquids were very watercolor-like and would fade after painting a stroke or so. I believe that the paint probably needed some ingredient that would attach to the surface better, and corn starch is too temporary.

The PDF I attached has all the documentation of this process. I think certain colors already have a natural vibrancy that can be easily extracted and so the beets were very effective whereas the lemons weren’t strong enough.

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