Material Spectrum Final – Bio Rice. Auriel &Nicholas

After experimenting with bio-plastics we wanted to continue our experimentation. We initially wanted to explore applications of our bio-plastics. Plastic bags, pouches and other items usually made from fabrics. We wanted to create thin layers that we could potentially cut and sew.


We had the ideal to change the attributes of the base bio-plastics, to mimic different sorts of fabrics.

we had the condition that: The extra ingredient had to be a raw material that was bio degradable.

We were interested in using rice, because of it’s quality to soak up water/liquid. we wanted to see if we could have the rice soak up our bio-plastic concoction and become a material that could be used for sculptures or even like the fabric-like materials that we initially set out to create.

noname-9 noname-14

we tried two different methods, one with cooked rice and one with raw rice. we tried to soak the rice in our mixture before we heat it up, but in order to get the rice to soak up nicely it needed heat.

For the most part the plastics would start to harden before the rice could fully soak up. However, we were successful in creating a few big spreads that were pretty thin, as well as some more dense collections.


The outcome of the bio-plastic/rice mixture seemed to hold properties of insulation. We decided to make several coasters and pot holders from the mixture of cooked rice while we planned to cut and sew the sheet of bio-plastic/raw rice mixture due to its thinner sheet like consistency which would have made for an interesting material to use for making fabric base items.






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