The wearable piece that we worked together ( me and Enrica )to foster equal access to public space and to use the technology to augment the potential of women bodies. Natural weapons are physically a part of a creature. Plants use different systems to defend themselves from insects or other herbivores consumers, different systems. Some are mechanical systems: they have parts that they use as a weapon to defend themselves. Taking inspiration from nature and from the self defense technique that animals and plants have, can we build a fashionable protective shield for women? Can we use technology to improve women’s life and limit the idea that women should rely on men to defend themselves? Can we make the women body appear more powerful?

This wearable inspired by nature. Hedgehogs have natural defense mechanisms. If a hedgehog feels threatened, it uses own spines to protect itself from any threats. We develop our mechanism inspired by this animal’s defense system and apply onto our wearable for women to protect themselves when they feel threatened during their nighttime walks. Mechanism has electronics that includes microcontroller, servo motors and distance sensor. If the distance sensor detects a stranger gets closer more than 1 meter, 3d printed spikes start to move up and down to protect the wearer.

The defense system serves as a metaphor which highlights a method of appropriation where the human body is enhanced through the process of bio-mimicry.